• Piano Lessons

  • What is the correct age to begin studying piano?

    There is no "correct age".  Our teachers will evaluate students to determine whether or not they are ready to begin private study. Younger students may be suggested to join our preschool music class. Most importantly, it is never too late!

    Which piano method book does this studio use?

    Our seasoned teachers are familiar with most method books available, and choose a program of study based on the students needs. Allegro Music Studios is entirely student-centered.

    Does Allegro Music Studios sell pianos?

    No, but our lovely friends at Artist Pianos sure do!

    Will my student have the opportunity to perform in recitals at Allegro Music Studios?

    Absolutely!  Music is a performing art, and we would love to have your student play with us in our recitals throughout the year.  However, participation in recitals will require preparedness and interest in performing.  We would never "force" someone to perform. 


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