• Vocal Lessons

  • What age is appropriate to start taking vocal lessons?

    The teacher will make the determination whether the child is at an appropriate age for vocal lessons during their free trial lesson. Children under the age of 8 years of age should consider beginning on the piano to build a knowledge of music theory. Our voice faculty would love to facilitate your child growing in their musical journey, and if you believe that they can best do that through singing, we will do our best to make sure they get the most out of lessons.

    Will taking vocal lessons during puberty do harm to the voice?

    No, not with proper training. This is actually one of the most crucial times in a student's musical journey. The vocal folds are at their most vulnerable stage and given the correct direction needed, the students can build their voice to be very strong during these years.

    Will I need to learn how to read music?

    Yes. As a studio, we believe that each student should leave here with at least a basic understanding of music theory. Many students elect to take piano lessons along side voice lessons so that they can have a better understanding of these concepts.

    Will I need to bring music to my lessons?

    This is dependent on what you would like to study, materials will be suggested by the teacher. Feel free to bring any materials that you would like to work on, and we will do our best to work them into the curriculum.

    Will my student have the opportunity to perform in recitals at Allegro Music Studios?

    Absolutely!  Music is a performing art, and we would love to have your student play with us in our recitals throughout the year.  However, participation in recitals will require preparedness and interest in performing.  We would never "force" someone to perform.