• Guitar Lessons

  • What is the correct age to begin studying guitar?
    There is really no one-size-fits-all “correct age” to begin studying guitar.  Our teachers will determine if the student is ready to begin studying during the student’s free trial lesson.
    Can adults take guitar lessons at Allegro Music Studios?
    Certainly!  There is no age limit, as long as a student is interested to learn.
    What music styles are taught?
    Our teachers are well versed in Classic Rock, Folk, and Alternative Rock genres, however, any style can be taught since our objective is to work on songs that inspire the student to progress.
    Will students learn to read music or learn to read tablature?
    Both.  Reading music is essential to any student learning an instrument.  However, guitarists typically utilize tablature as a means of transcribing and reading music.  Both methods are used at Allegro Music Studios for guitarists.
    Does Allegro Music Studios sell guitars?
    No.  However, our staff can help guide students to find the perfect guitar at some of the local guitar retailers.
    Will there be opportunities to try different types of guitars?
    Yes!  If a student owns an acoustic guitar, there will be opportunities to plug into an amplifier with our teacher’s electric guitars and explore creating different sounds with various effects pedals.  Conversely, if a student owns an electric guitar, there will be opportunities to play our teachers acoustic guitars to understand the differences.
    Will I be taught how to maintain my guitar?
    Absolutely!   Students will learn how to tune their guitar, replace strings, etc.